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Matthew 18: 1-4 has been my guiding light This scripture encourages believers to approach their faith with the same humble and trusting attitude that a child has.


From my childhood, I've been known as "CiCi."

Kingdom Over Culture


My vision is to transform the perspective of both young and old generations. I aim to redefine success and what it truly means to follow God, breaking free from cultural and religious limitations on how God can work through people. Moreover, I aspire to create opportunities, especially for younger generations, to pursue the arts..

Background & Testimony:

I'm Childlike CiCi, a native of Brooklyn, New York, raised in North Carolina, and an artist. I released my first Christian single, "Souls," in March 2022. I released my first Christian rap single in Oct 2022. I mark this as the start of my “Christian Rap Ministry. Music has been a lifelong passion, though I initially kept it to myself. It wasn't until my senior year of high school that people beyond my family discovered my talent. While I only started singing in 2022, rapping has always been a passion.

My journey took a turn when I tried making secular music publicly, but this path ultimately led me back to Christ. Raised in a faith-based family, life challenges led me to temporarily drift away from my faith. Despite gaining attention from a secular artist, labels and teams, God intervened in my life in 2019, showing me that my lifestyle and music were doing the enemy's work. I realized I couldn't serve two masters, so I deleted my social media and wholeheartedly surrendered my life to Christ.

I spent those years strengthening my relationship with God, and I also reconnected with my high school acquaintance, whom I later married. He's not a musician but is my unwavering support in various roles.

It wasn't until January 2022 that I felt the call to return to music, the way God originally intended. I've only been actively pursuing music professionally for about a year, and I'm humbled by how God has guided me on this journey. I look forward to what lies ahead.

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